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Cow killed in Asda van crash on Dartmoor

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Cow killed in Asda van crash on Dartmoor

Date of alert:

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Crime Ref:


Devon & Cornwall Police

Police say two separate incidents involving vehicles and cows took place just minutes apart on the B3212 a short distance from Sharpitor
Police have confirmed that a man has been reported to court for driving without due care and attention after an Asda van collided with a cow on Dartmoor.

Officers were alerted to the incident at around 9.20pm last night on the B3212, a short distance from Sharpitor rock formation and just a couple of hundred yards from the cattle grid which leads to the moors and is marked by signs urging motorists to be aware of "animals on road - take Moor care".

The report noted the involvement of an Asda van which suffered significant damage. However while police were attempting to trace the owner of the cow, Devon and Cornwall Police were alerted to a second collision around 500 yards up the road involving a car and another cow.

A police spokesperson said officers were able to trace what is understood to be the owner of both cows and they attended the scenes with police officers where both cows were still alive but seriously injured. Sadly, nothing could be done for the creatures and the police spokesperson said officers assisted the owner with dispatching the animals.

Cow killed in Asda van crash on Dartmoor

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