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Dozens of tyres dumped on farm near Ipswich

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Dozens of tyres dumped on farm near Ipswich

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Suffolk Constabulary

A farm owner has expressed frustration and told flytippers to "get a proper job" after nearly 60 tyres were dumped in her Suffolk farmyard.

The incident is thought to have happened between midnight on Sunday, February 6, and 6am on February 7, in Playford Road, Rushmere St Andrew.

Farm owner Eileen Stennett said: "Thinking back, I heard it, a loud noise woke me up.

"I looked out across the farm wondering what it was, but no security lights turned on and none of our cameras were pinged.

"The farm contractor who does our arable for us called me in the morning and said 'Eileen, you've got a big fly-tip of tires at the gate."

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