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A new operation to tackle ASB in Crook is now underway

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A new operation to tackle ASB in Crook is now underway

Date of alert:

Monday, 28 March 2022

Crime Ref:


Durham Constabulary

Parents and police are joining forces in a new operation to tackle anti-social behaviour in Crook.

Operation Habu was launched five weeks ago when patrolling PCSO Keith Jayne had the idea to text parents of young people who were acting in an anti-social manner so they could intervene and stop the behaviour escalating.

The new approach, which is supported by Durham County Council, is already paying off with a noticeable reduction in incidents over recent weeks and followed discussions with residents over concerns around anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

PCSO Jayne said: “We patrol all the hot spot areas where we receive reports of antisocial behaviour and noticed that the few young people who were causing most of the issues were more than likely not where they’d told their parents they were.

“After contacting the parents directly, we agreed to text them if their children were causing issues and it’s really taken off with 90 per cent of parents giving us their details so they can nip any issues in the bud.

“We already work closely with the council’s anti-social behaviour team and submit reports on individuals so further action can be taken but we’ve found this is a really quick and effective way to notify parents, the majority of which are mortified that their children are behaving anti-socially.”

The new operation is just one of the ways officers are tackling the heart of the issue following four incidents of criminal damage in which stones were thrown at bus windows over the last three months. A fire was also started in a public toilet last year.

Two teenage boys have since been arrested and admitted criminal offences. They, along with five others, are now being dealt with by the Youth Offending Team and witnesses for some of the bus incidents are being sought as investigations continue.

The team is also liaising closely with local group Crook Against Anti-Social Behaviour to keep residents informed of the work along with local councillors and MP Richard Holden.

Cllr John Shuttleworth, Durham County Council’s Cabinet member for rural communities, highways and community safety, said: “We are committed to working with our partners and residents to make sure our communities feel safe and supported.

A new operation to tackle ASB in Crook is now underway

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