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Cumbria Police Dealing with anti-social behaviour

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Cumbria Police Dealing with anti-social behaviour

Date of alert:

Friday, 18 March 2022

Crime Ref:


Cumbria Constabulary

Fire caused by young people

On March 1 we received a call from the fire service. They had taken a report from a person who said they had just witnessed a group of young people set fire to a bunch of twigs and run off.

We can offer some reassurance that firefighters said it was a small fire and no danger to anyone - and wouldn't have been a danger to anyone had it continued.

Any reports of anti-social behaviour are welcome and help us build up a picture of what is going on.

How we've been dealing with another issues in town

We received a report of anti-social behaviour from a business owner in Appleby.

Over the weekend of February 19 and 20 the business had litter posted through a letterbox.

Various young people have been visited at their homes and this issue has also been addressed by a talk in school.

We have deployed a camera in this vicinity to prevent any further issues.

We are also in communication with Cumbria County Council, which owns the building, to hopefully make some improvements.

Motorcycling complaints

Last month we received a couple of reports of two young lads driving an off-road motorbike, allegedly with no registrations, no helmets and no lights.

One of our officers has spoken to two allegedly involved and the incident is being looked at.

Cumbria Police Dealing with anti-social behaviour

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