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Farmer wins £30k over false RSPCA cruelty claim

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Farmer wins £30k over false RSPCA cruelty claim


Date of alert:

Tuesday, 7 November 2023

Crime Ref:


Lincolnshire Police

A Lincolnshire farmer has been awarded almost £30,000 in damages after being wrongfully accused of animal cruelty offences by the RSPCA.

Courton Green has fought a five-year legal battle, costing around £90,000, against the charges which he said had severely compromised his farming reputation across the local area.

Mr Green was arrested in 2018 after the charity accused him of trying to behead a sheep using the bucket of a tractor. The case rested on the testimony of an inexperienced farmhand who was unaware that dead sheep have their necks broken when being used in animal food. The charity claimed the sheep was still alive at the time.

If convicted of the offence, which was launched as private prosecution by the animal welfare charity, Mr Green who manages 400 cattle and 4,000 sheep on his 315-acre farm in Sleaford, faced jail.

However, following a four-day trial in 2020, Mr Green was cleared of all charges while the judge in the case questioned the RSPCA regarding its legal practises, and Lincolnshire Police's actions

Farmer wins £30k over false RSPCA cruelty claim

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