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Gates destroyed by suspected deer poachers in Macclesfield Forest

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Gates destroyed by suspected deer poachers in Macclesfield Forest

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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Cheshire Constabulary

Two gates in Macclesfield Forest have been destroyed in what police say was for suspected deer poaching

Late in the evening of Monday, April 18 two wooden and steel gates at the entrance to the forest were ripped from the posts which secured them to the ground.

A short distance into the forest another gate had been smashed.

Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team said that ‘a combination of ropes, strops and perhaps a winch was used’.

In a post on Facebook, PC Jim Clark wrote: “There is nothing else particularly exciting in this area that would attract vehicular use/requirement so my guess is deer poaching.

“If this is a matter of poaching it just goes to show the levels of laziness, disregard for property and general arrogance the offenders have shown.

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