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Land Rover Defender Security

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Land Rover Defender Security

Date of alert:

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Crime Ref:


Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police have had an increase in reported incidents of Land Rover Defenders being targeted for theft offences.

Traditional Land Rover Defenders are increasingly in demand since production ceased in 2016. The NFU confirm that by 2019 the cost of Defender theft increased by 34% to 2.1m, with stolen vehicles often being broken up for black market spares.

Here in Lincolnshire, since 1st April 2021, there have been 19 Defenders stolen and one attempted theft. In addition to this, 12 Defenders have been targeted specifically for parts.

Today, our Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor, Sally Picker, is highlighting what you can do to protect your Defender. Sally explained, “Sadly, these vehicles have increasingly become a target for criminals. We know that the impact of such a theft goes way beyond the financial loss. It can be hugely inconvenient, upsetting and frightening. So we wanted to provide information and advice to help you keep your defender safe.”

To make your Defender as secure as possible, please consider the following recommendations, ensuring you purchase good quality, wherever possible, secured by design products, or those tested to the appropriate recognised standard.

Land Rover Defender Security

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