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Local Environmental Awareness of Dogs (LEAD) scheme continues

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Local Environmental Awareness of Dogs (LEAD) scheme continues

Date of alert:

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Crime Ref:


Cumbria Constabulary

We are continuing to implement the LEAD scheme to target irresponsible dog ownership.

The local focus hub has received many complaints of dogs escaping address perimeters, attacking other dogs and animals and causing a detrimental effect on the community they live within.

We would like to remind dog owners that they have a responsibility to keep their dogs under control and prevent any anti-social behaviour.

We will look to introduce measures, sanctions and legislation if a dog’s behaviour continues to cause issues.

We will act to enforce the law and protect the public whenever necessary and where legislation permits. Measures include:

1st ‘Come to Notice’ letter - This will include key details of the incident, details that will be shared with relevant partners.
2nd ‘Come to Notice’ letter - Should a dog’s behaviour come to notice again, a second letter will be issued. If the dog owner is a social housing resident, the landlord will contact the dog owner within seven working days to remind them of, or enforce, their tenancy agreement. Continued anti-social behaviour, could result in permission to have a dog being withdrawn or even the property being repossessed.
Acceptable Behaviour Contract - As the second letter is sent, an Acceptable Behaviour Contract – a voluntary agreement between the police and the individual – will be sought. If this is declined, the police will monitor the dog’s behaviour for at least six months.
Continued anti-social behaviour could result in further action being taken or implemented this includes Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO), Community Protection Notices (CPN), Contingent Destruction Order on conviction under the Dangerous Dogs Act or an appropriate Dog Control Order section 2 of the 1871 Dogs Act.

Our Sergeant, Scott Adams, said: “We are asking for people to report these issues to us so we can review and taken necessary action.

“Within this scheme, support is offered through the Dogs Trust to assist in learning new behaviours and skills to manage your dog more effectively. Every option is tried before any prosecution is taken, which is often a fear for those reporting."

Local Environmental Awareness of Dogs (LEAD) scheme continues

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