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North Wales PCC accused of ‘prejudice’ over hunting review

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North Wales PCC accused of ‘prejudice’ over hunting review

Date of alert:

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Crime Ref:


Wales - North Wales Police

Plans to hold a review into the way hunts are policed in North Wales have been slammed as an "unnecessary political vanity project".

The Countryside Alliance has accused North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin of having "prejudices against rural people" and called for him to spend taxpayers' money elsewhere.

It follows the Labour PCC inviting tender bids of up to £20,000 from contractors to undertake an independent review of hunting in the region.

The review, which will consider the way North Wales Police oversees the enforcement of the Hunting Act, has been welcomed by anti-hunt campaigners.

It comes after claims were made that the police force has previously shown "no interest" in taking action against illegal hunting.

However, those in favour of hunting have accused Mr Dunbobbin of wasting money after insisting hunts in the area are conducted lawfully.

In a statement issued to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Rachel Evans, director of Countryside Alliance Wales, said: “It will come as a hefty blow to taxpayers in North Wales when they learn that their Police Crime Commissioner is prepared to pump their money into what can only be described as an unnecessary political, vanity project.

“Hunts across Wales take part in a lawful activity, but sadly do routinely face spurious accusations from animal rights activists."

North Wales PCC accused of ‘prejudice’ over hunting review

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