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Overloaded tractor and trailer stopped by police

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Overloaded tractor and trailer stopped by police

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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Devon & Cornwall Police

A farmer is on his way to court after police found a tractor and trailer "ridiculously overloaded".

The trailer was overladen with its cargo of stone.

An officer of the Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team reprimanded the driver for the danger that the stone posed since it could fall off the trailer and hurt - or even kill - other drivers.

The officer reported him and the driver will now face a magistrates court.

The officer shared the photo on social media, writing: "Ridiculously overloaded tractor and trailer, laden with stone.

"Obvious that it would be dangerous to drive as bits of stone falling off.

"Unfortunately he crossed my path, and can now explain to the magistrates why he put lives at risk."

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