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Police funds to help farmers cover fly-tipping clean-up cost

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Police funds to help farmers cover fly-tipping clean-up cost

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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Northamptonshire Police

Fly-tipping campaigners are calling on police commissioners across the UK to follow the lead of Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire by establishing funds to help farmers pay clear-up costs when rubbish is dumped on their land.

The Fly Tipping on Private Land Funds use income from seizures under the Proceeds of Crime Act to clear and dispose of waste left on private land, as well as providing advice and help to improve security.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) says some landowners have been awarded as much as £1,200 from the £20,000 funds, although they can only claim for a single clearance.

CLA surveyor Alison Provis says the organisation is now lobbying other forces to establish similar schemes.

“There must be support to help the victim – the landowner – in these circumstances,” said Ms Provis, the CLA’s lead on fly-tipping.

“For our members who are targeted, it is not just a couple of big bags. We have people who are seeing this happening every two weeks and are paying £1,000 to have the rubbish removed after every incident.”

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