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Rural crime team respond to seven livestock worrying incidents

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Rural crime team respond to seven livestock worrying incidents

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Monday, 16 May 2022


Wales - North Wales Police

NORTH Wales Police had released a video explaining the latest livestock worrying incident in the region.

On Friday, the Rural Crime Team shared footage of sheep that had been injured by a dog in Aberdaron.

They said: "Three sheep have been attacked by a dog in Aberdaron this morning. We are investigating. Injuries are horrific. We’ve said it many times - this happens far to often."

Since then, the team said they had reports of a further six incidents.

They said: "Since the Aberdaron incident we reported on on Friday, we've had another 6 (yes, 6) reports of livestock worrying across North Wales."

In the one of the latest incidents, in Felinheli, heifers were chased into fences between 6pm on Saturday and the following morning.

The team shared a video explaining what had happened. The footage shows a dead heifer next to a footpath running along the side of the field.

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