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10 Tips To Keep Your Quad Bike Safe

According to the latest NFU report, quad bike and ATV theft cost £2.5m in 2020. During the COVID pandemic, rural thieves increased the value of their hauls by targeting farmers’ expensive quad bikes and side-by-side utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). These vehicles, which can cost twice as much as a regular quad, now represent 14% of all quad and ATV thefts, compared to 11% in 2019.

Read on below for 10 tips to keep your quad bikes safe:

  1. Keep your vehicle in a lockable garage or building and make sure you remove the keys and keep them in a secure location and out of view, not hidden on the vehicle and out of view of any windows.

  2. Use a grip lock that locks the breaks on the machine to prevent it from being moved without removal.

  3. Physically secure your machine using suitable locking devices and fixed ground anchors secured to the floor using heavy-duty security chains and padlocks.

  4. Consider fitting isolating systems to machines that will prevent theft such as fuel and battery isolators.

  5. Keep doors or windows to sheds shut to prevent persons from seeing what’s inside when they are not in use.

  6. Cover any windows to the building where your vehicle is kept this will prevent any persons from looking through the windows.

  7. Consider installing security lighting and CCTV with sensors and PIR Alarms on the perimeter of the building or premises.

  8. Get your machine marked with security marking schemes such as Datatag or CESAR.

  9. Consider fitting forensic marking solution’s to quads and ATVs

  10. Consider fitting immobilisers, VHF and GPS Tracking devices.

Insurance companies will often offer a discount on premiums with these types of measures. Machines fitted and registered with security markings such as Datatag are 4 times less likely to be stolen and 6 times more likely to be recovered if they are stolen.

Also, don't forget to record machinery serial numbers and take photographs for reference. If the machine is ever stolen a photo will increase publicity prospects and recovery of the machine.

And always report suspicious vehicle or callers to Police by calling 999 if the vehicle or occupants are seen committing crime or phone 101 in suspicious circumstances.

See the page for Vehicles & Machinery Rural Crime Alerts to see what's happening in your area

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